Why should I choose the TFAUMCH of Ayurveda for my Ayurvedic education?

Standards,Success,Internship,Residency,Excellence in Teaching Staff,State and National Standards,Classroom Hours,Post-Graduate Study in Bangladesh,Traditional “Authentic” Ayurvedic Education.

STANDARDS: The TMSS FEROZA BEGUM AYURVEDIC-UNANI MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL(TFAUMCH) has the highest academic and clinical standards in the NORTH.Our Students are well known to be the finest trained in Bangladesh.

SUCCESS: Because of the clarity,focus and excellence of TFAUMCH educational process,TFAUMCH has graduated the most successful practitioners in the Country.

INTERNSHIP: While most internships at other institutions still only include observing a teacher seeing patients or performing or consultation in other students. TFAUMCH’S professional internship program includes both observation and working directly with patients. TFAUMCH is also the only institute in the country in which the interns are paid while the students are in college for the work they do.This builds self-esteem and confidence as you go practice.

RESIDENCY: TFAUMCH is the only Ayurvedic-Unani College to offer an advanced paid residency program in disease management.

EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING STAFF: Teachers has their own ability to communicate clearly,and their ability to teach in an organized manner.All teachers also go through special “teacher training” to assure competency in the classroom.Each teacher has also develop important insights into the knowledge and brings these insights into the learning experienced to the students. Perhaps most importantly,our faculty is living the principles of Ayurveda every day.

STATE and NATIONAL STANDARDS: Developing the currently accepted national guidelines for Ayurvedic practitioners education and is leading the effort to raise those standards nationwide.Your education at TFAUMCH exceeds current guidelines and prepare you for the future of Ayurveda in Bangladesh.

CLASSROOM HOURS: TFAUMCH offers more classroom hours for training in pure Ayurvedic knowledge than any other major college in Bangladesh.

POST-GRADUATE STUDY in BANGLADESH: Students who graduate from the TMSS FEROZA BEGUM AYURVEDIC-UNANI MEDICAL COLLEGE & HOSPITAL have several opportunities to participate in training programs and internships in Bangladesh. TFAUMCH has a relationship with several Ayurvedic Doctors and Hospitals in Bangladesh where interns can participate in apprenticeship.

Traditional “Authentic” Ayurvedic Education: TFAUMCH is committed to helping students understands the complete Science of Ayurveda as it was articulated thousands of years ago by the ancient teachers. These knowledge is contained in three major and three minor texts of Ayurveda written between 1500 B.C. and 1500 A.D. The curriculum at TFAUMCH helps to bring these ancient wisdom to you in a modern and easily understandable format.

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