Different pedagogical methods are:

Lecturing : This long-standing method can be adapted to large or small class settings, and the following links can help you develop effective lectures in different courses.

Discussions : Leading discussions it can be a useful way to engage students and examine new ideas.

Questioning Strategies : The use of questions strategically to facilitate a better connection between students and course material.

Inquiry-Based Learning : Understanding the phases and overall process of disciplined inquiry can help teachers and students in the pursuit of shared discovery and innovative research.

Problem-Based Learning : Serious thinking often begins with the mutual attempt to solve problems inside and outside of the classroom.

Active Learning : A wide variety of approaches characterize this departure from static modes of course delivery.

Case Study Method : The use of real and hypothetical cases has been used effectively in a variety of fields from legal studies to business.

Cooperative Learning : In contrast to simple group learning, this method of teaching relies on positive interdependence as a basis for deep learning in a variety of disciplines.

Team Projects : The use of structured teams can accomplish a wide-range of goals, both inside and out of the classroom. Learn more about this method of structuring courses and projects.